Farm Tour was a BLAST.

I guess that we're debutantes now.  We had our first public appearance this past weekend, and had such a great time.  Dorsey and Susan at HausBarm Farm and GuesHaus had invited us to join them and 8 or 10 other makers of beverages and food for their part of the East Austin Urban Farm Tour.  Five great urban farms participate, and lovers of food and drink buy tickets.  We served about 500 glasses of Wimberley Tea Company Yaupon ICED tea to thirsty farm-goers, met wonderful Austin people, and got lots of great feedback.  Here are a few photos from the day.

Store is OPEN!

We're happy to announce that our online store is now open on this site.  We have 1 and 2 oz. loose leaf pouches of our Wimberley Tea Company Yaupon Teas, as well as some really groovy Wimberley Tea Company Tea Shirts (yes, you need one).  Not sure just where we go from here - we're having fun learning so much so fast, but it's exciting for us to see everything become legal and available for sale.  Please have a look at Our Store - thanks.

Houston, We Have Kitchen.

OK, the kitchen's in Austin and not Houston, but that sounded kind of NASA cool, didn't it?  We are officially able to roast and package Wimberley Tea Company Yaupon Teas in a real live commercial kitchen.  Even Mr. Inspector Sir says so!  So, rest assured that we'll be doing just that, and look for our store to open on this site soon.

Another AWESOME harvest!

We are having some kind of crazy good luck with weather lately.  Once again we found a sweet spot between stormy weather and hot weather and had a downright lovely day for harvesting.  We even had the company of a few really good friends picking with us for a few hours.  Many, many thanks to Kathy, Joyce, and Karen.  All in all a high yield day with lots of love from happy Spring trees.  Saint Wimbo smiles upon us!

Spring Harvest Weekend

Early April Harvest at our property right between San Marcos and Wimberley, Texas (San Wimbo).  The forecast was for rain, and we really did have a storm last night.  Today though, the skies have opened, there's a light breeze, and the birds are happy as . . . BIRDS I guess.  All in all a beautiful day.  The female trees are still very busy building flowers and seed so we're letting them rest.  The male trees are yielding lots of beautiful young leaf.  Yaupon Tea from the ground up!  These trees just keep rockin' and without ever needing irrigation, fertilizer, or pest control.

Farm Tour Here We Come.

Hey!  We were just invited to attend and sample Wimberley Tea Company Yaupon Tea at the East Austin Urban Farm Tour, 2017.  Our friends Dorsey Barger and Susan Hausmann at Hausbar Farms and GuestHaus will host us along with other Austin local beverage and food makers.  Will keep you posted . . .