How do I make Yaupon Teas?

We're often asked abut the best way to prepare Wimberley Tea Company Yaupon Teas for drinking, or "What is the best way to steep Yaupon Tea?".

First, here are a couple of short answers that we give: 1) Steep your tea however you like it (sounds smarty-pants but isn't) and 2) steep it much like you'd prefer your favorite green tea.

Don't forget you can make Hot Yaupon Tea, Iced Yaupon Tea, or Yaupon Hard Iced Tea.

Still want more?  Below are some of our favorite approaches.

Tea time out.

Tea time out.

To Make 1 cup of hot yaupon tea:

  • Grab your favorite mug (duh!).

  • Heat water to boiling, or near boiling.

  • Fill a bag or tea ball infuser with about 1 Teaspoon of Wimberley Tea Company Yaupon Tea.

  • Cover the mug to hold heat, and let infuse for at least 3-5 minutes.

  • For stronger tea, you can steep longer or, for the impatient, use a little more tea.

TIP: We find that tea balls will let bits of loose leaf free to swim around in your tea.  if that's not icky to you, just let them settle and save them for your fortune teller.  You can also pour your cup through a coffee filter or other fine strainer before drinking.

Take your lumps.

Take your lumps.

An Alternate method for hot tea:

  • get that same mug.

  • Heat water to boiling, or near boiling.

  • Put about 1 teaspoon of Wimberley Tea Company Yaupon Tea into a bowl or other vessel for steeping.

  • Pour the hot water over the tea, and cover loosely.
  • When your tea has reached the desired strength, pour it over a coffee filter or other fine strainer, into that favorite mug.

  • Now act cool.  You just did your own yaupon pour-over.  Dude!

TIP: For more tea, use more tea!  And Yaupon is tougher'n $#!*, so don't be shy about steeping a second time for a second cup.

Time for a break!

Time for a break!

For kickin' Yaupon Iced Tea:

We love iced tea in Texas, so we tend to want to make more than just a glass at a time.  You can always steep as above, then pour over ice if you're running solo.  For larger batches of iced tea, consider using your French Press:

  • Do we have to tell you to get a glass?

  • Heat water to boiling, or near boiling.

  • Put 4-6 teaspoons into your 4 cup press, and pour the water over the tea.

  • Leave the plunger up, and just let it think about itself for a while - steep to the color and strength that you like, then gingerly drop the plunger.

  • Let it cool.

  • Fill that lonely glass with lots of ice and pour!

  • Add sweetener or citrus to your taste.  Mint leaf?  Sprig o' rosemary?  Hmmmm. . .

Just a bit sweet and lemony . . .

Just a bit sweet and lemony . . .

An Alternate method for Iced Tea:

We like to use the method outlined above, but then steep it in the press for several hours, brewing a really strong iced tea.  That whole press goes into the refrigerator after we put the plunger down, and we dilute it with water over ice to make a pitcher, or 5-6 glasses of GREAT Yaupon Iced Tea.  You can still add a little of your favorite sweetener if you like, along with some citrus or herbs to taste.  And it smells like Summer!





For "Leaf Trevino" HARD Iced Tea:

Follow one of the above methods for iced tea, or . . . go ahead, do it your own way (pouting).

Then, in your favorite cocktail glass filled with ice, pour 1/3 regular-strength tea, 1/3 sparkling water, and 1/3 vodka.

Add a BIG squeeze of lemon.

Hello?  Are you still there?

Someone needs a rockin' chair!

Someone needs a rockin' chair!

For "Southern Tea Sipper" Hard Iced Tea:

Follow one of the methods above for Wimberley Tea Company Yaupon Iced Tea.

In an empty glass, muddle 2 oz. Bourbon, 6-8 drops of high quality bitters, and 1-2 sugar cubes to taste.

Mix with about 1 cup of Yaupon Iced Tea.

Pour over ice into a glass that makes you happy.

You know what to do . . .