Yaupon is a true native

Yaupon was born here.  It's as native as native gets and, in fact, Native Americans and Native Yaupon Holly have respected each other for centuries.  When the first Europeans arrived, they saw what they called 'Black Drink' being enjoyed by our Native brothers.  Black Drink remained fashionable well into the later 19th Century until coffee (and that damn tea tax) put it considerably out of fashion.  Yaupon was born here, and never needs an overseas boat ticket to come and make a fine tea.

Yaupon is sustainable

No, really.  We understand that every marketer says their product is sustainable - "Meet 'sustainable bar soap!'  But Yaupon is the real deal. It's drought resistant, it has no natural pests, it's freeze tolerant, and it's friggin' evergreen!  That's why you see it in so many of your neighbors' landscapes.  It grows fast, and is willing to play the role of tree or shrub.  It comes up from seeds (thanks Mockingbirds), and it comes up over and over again.  Some ranchers consider it invasive.  We consider it bad-ass.

Yaupon Tea leaves rinsed, and ready to dry with their pals

Yaupon Tea leaves rinsed, and ready to dry with their pals

Yaupon is caffeinated

OK.  All of you folks who don't ever drink caffeine just step back and let the other folks step up.  Yaupon is North America's only naturally-caffeinated, native plant.  And, because it steeps like tea, you can drink it as strong or as mellow as you prefer.  Steep two or three times and get a slightly different kick each time.  Generally considered to have less caffeine than coffee - maybe a bit more like your favorite green tea - Wimberley Tea Company Yaupon Teas usually have a mellower buzz than that really strong brew.

yaupon is yummy!

Sorry to alliterate, but that's just fun to say.  Yaupon Teas taste good and it's as simple as that.  What does Yaupon Tea taste like?  That depends a lot on who you ask.  We find wild grass and fruity, floral notes when we inhale; umami green tea, wild grass, and herb when we imbibe.  Some of us drink it light and others like it to kick like a pony.  Some like a hot mug, but the Texan in us also loves to drink a big strong brew over ice, cowgirl-style!  Add a bit of your favorite sweetener or some citrus and you're in business.

Wimberley Tea Company Yaupon Teas from Texas, in the Heart of the Texas Hill Country.  "Everyone's Favorite Native Texan!"